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The Tim Tang Test comprises 250 original mind-bending riddles that are designed to test your problem solving skills in unique ways. Each level requires logical thinking and spans many topics from music to language to math. Over 4 million people have attempted the Tim Tang Test. Will YOU be the first to finish it?

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Player's Quotes

"I cleaned out my locker today and I had more TTT notes than all my school notes combined!"

"Mr. Tang I need your help! I've stolen the Declaration of Independence and want to give the Feds a bit of a chase before returning it. Do you think you could create one of those puzzles for me?"

"The more of this test I take, the more I start to fear Tim Tang. It seems like he would be capable of hacking into all the computers and taking over the world."

"The Almighty Tim needs no money, he has his superior intellect to get through life!"

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