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What operating system/browser is compatible?

Windows and Mac will both work.  IE and Firefox will also both work with very little difference.  Safari and Opera should work, though slight problems have been reported occasionally.
What is the difference between HTML and PHP versions of the TTT?

The HTML Version is the older version which involves using username and password to access a level. The PHP Version is the newer version where you register an account to save your progress. The latter will eventually replace all of the current HTML pages, but in the meantime you may begin on either version.
What do the different colors in CBox represent?

Blue is unregistered. Green is registered. Red is moderator. Orange is administrator.
I am still on the HTML version, how do I input my answer?

The username is the level number, and password being the answer (e.g. for level 5, the username is 5).  The password always contain lower case letters and/or numbers with no spaces.  Detailed instructions are available in the TTT Tutorial.
How can I turn the music on or off?

To turn on the music for any level, click the play button below the pictures. If there is no music and/or buttons, you may be missing a Quicktime plug-in.
I'm using Firefox and it is asking me to download a plugin, what do I do?

The plugin is likely what you need to play the music in the levels.  You may need to change your settings to tell your browser what to do with .mp3 files.  To do this go to Tools -> Options -> Applications, go to MP3 Format Sound and select a media player that you have on your computer.
The picture is too big/small on my screen, what should I do?

Adjust your screen resolution to 1280x1024 for best results.
Parts of the level (including picture and background music) do not load for me, what should I do?

Try refreshing the page.  If you are getting another password box, enter it as usual.  If this doesn't work, either leave it blank and press OK twice, or try entering it as if it was the password box one or two levels before the one you are trying to access. (e.g. if you are refreshing level 6 and you get a box that won't go away, try both level 4 and 5's username and password).  Sometimes there is a glitch in the password system depending on the privacy and security settings with your computer.  Moreover, make sure that the SW Synth tab in your volume settings is not muted, otherwise MIDI files will not play.
Do I have to complete the TTT in one sitting?

No.  Simply bookmark the level you go to, and when you come back next time, click the link, and a password should pop up.  Enter the LAST level's information because remember, you haven't passed the level you are on yet! (e.g. if you bookmarked level 9, you would need level 8's username and password to access.  So a good idea is to take notes while you play!)
I am stuck on a level and would like some hints, where can I go?

Simply join our group in Facebook, or post in our very own Forum, or chat live in the TTT Cbox!  Note that ALL are kept spoiler free.  Please help us keep it that way.