No one
in the
world has
solved it

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Will YOU
be the

"Time to cancel a few appointments in your calendar I think..."

"This is really, quite...addictive. I wish studying was this stimulating."

"This test teaches you humility and humbleness.  In a good way.  Tim Tang, improving the world, one level at a time."

"I got to level 6 or 7 before realizing that my life was slowly melting away.  Minutes turned into hours, hours turned into other units of time, space-time was warped, and my dinner was cold."

"Ah, no!  This will bring my productivity into the negatives!"

"Warning: Continue at own risk.  These mind exercises will leave you frustrated and Facebook-messaging some Canadian guy you don't even know."

"I don't know whether to hate you or to love you for this puzzle...all I know is I don't think I've ever sworn at my computer this much."

"This stuff gets really hard really fast - be prepared to Google and/or end all prior life engagements you may have had.  I'm currently reintroducing myself to my mother."

"The only thing I want that's long and hard doesn't come in the form of a $#&@!ing internet puzzle."

"I truly believe that Tim Tang discovered fire, single handedly freed the slaves, and is largely responsible for the end of most major wars. In fact, if he and Angelina Jolie got together, they could probably end world hunger while collecting several small children from around the world who will later prove to be the super-human peacekeepers of the nations.  With all of these positive accomplishments, I suppose I can forgive you, Mr. Tang, for this dreadful test."

"Your riddle/quiz/whatevertheheck website is absolutely genius and ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATING!!!  I'm staying in on a Friday night just to do this!"

"The TTT has truly humbled me.  When I first read the description of it as "the longest and hardest online puzzle in the world," I thought, "200 levels?  Piece of cake!  I'll finish it tonight!"  That night I got through Level 10 and realized I'm not as smart as my pride led me to believe!"

"I woke up at 3am one night after dreaming about an answer to a level.  I scrambled off my bed, turned on the computer, and typed it in.  Sadly, it was wrong.  Way off in fact, when I finally got it right a few days later."

"The more levels I solve, the more I'm convinced that Tim is not from this planet..."

"It took God 7 days to make the world, chuck norris 1 day to finish it, and tim tang one second to deposit all the mysteries within it"

"New Year's Resolution:  A Year Without Tim Tang Test!  It's like overcoming a smoking addiction..."

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